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B1~Legndw/Bent Filter Regular Bit (Black)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
B1a~Legndw/Bent Filter Regular Bit (Amber)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
B2~Legndw/Bent Filter Danish Bit (Black)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
B2a~Legndw/Bent Filter Danish Bit (Amber)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
S1~Legndw/Straight Filter Regular Bit (Black)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
S1a~Legndw/Straight Filter Regular Bit (Amber)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
S2~Legndw/Straight Filter Danish Bit (Black)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
S2a~Legndw/Straight Filter Danish Bit (Amber)
$ 6.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist

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New Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
LEGEND (Billiard / 5th Avenue)
Choice Of Bent Or Straight Stem / Black Or Amber Bit

The Legend is the pipe most people think of when they think of a corn cob pipe and is available in three cob shapes:

  • (BILLIARD / 5th AVENUE) one with a straight sided bowl, reminiscent of a billiard-style pipe.
  • (POKER / FLAT) Similar to the billiard but with a flat bottom.
  • (ROB-ROY) and one with a taped bowl and rounded top.

This pipe is available with a bent or straight filtered stem. This is smaller than most of our pipes, but larger than the smallest.The filtered stem of your new Legend pipe comes ready to go with only one Medico filter, so you might consider adding a pack or two of our inexpensive filters to your order.

"Our Legend Corn Cob Pipe is our most popular pipe for the price in our series of mid-sized pipes.  It has a medium-sized bowl with a coating that gives it a soft yellow color.  It is availabe in three bowl shapes." ~Missouri Meerschaum


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by Bob
on 9/24/2018
Great little pipe
I have two of these. One from years and years ago that is significantly smaller than the other, which I bought recently. Both I've upgraded with a Danish bit and both smoke fantastically. I keep one in my work bag with some of my favorite tobacco and the other I keep in my tackle box with my fishing tobacco. I don't care if I drop these in the water while fishing because I can just dry it out for a while and keep smoking. And if I lose it, it's cheap enough to replace without the wife causing a fuss. And I'd absolutely replace it, because doing without one of these is just silly.
by Mitch
on 12/26/2012
Great Pipe
I've been smoking my legend for months now and it still smokes amazing. Its got a crack down the side with charring all around the crack on the outside but that hasn't changed the smoke at all. This pipe can take a beating and still smoke perfect. The best pipe for smoking while working or doing anything outside really. Definitely recommend this pipe.
by chris
on 7/1/2012
true love
I love this pipe! I have been a long time smoker of briar pipes and I have a rather nice collection including many that are quite expensive. I was told by someone that I should at least try a cob. I was told once by a fellow pipe smoker that cobs are only for poor white trash hillbillys. That person was an absolute idiot! These are wonderful and honestly maybe even better then my briars. I don't think I will ever buy another briar as long as Missouri Meerschaum keeps making these. I purchased my legend from a local pipe store, however they only carry the legend. I have grown to like Scott and Aristocob, mostly thanks to his many YouTube videos. So, I have now ordered my General! I expect great things. I can't wait to get it and start breaking it in. Thanks Aristocob. BTW I do hope that you will soon have the bent dane in the egg shape. That is one I would love to own.
by Nate
on 3/29/2012
Nice pipe that smokes well. Well worth the $5. I'm enjoying these cob pipes. I only have to briars and needed to increase my pipes so I can rotate. I like it just as well if not more than my briars. My one criticism is that I can't fit a pipe cleaner through the bent bit. This is not a problem with one of my other MM Corncobs that is bent... makes cleaning more difficult. My next one will be a straight.
by Daniel
on 3/17/2012
Just 4 stars
One of my first MM pipes I purchased (bought myself a Pride and an Ozark). The first thing, the bad. I noticed that The Legend doesn't look like the one in the picture. It looks very much like the Missouri Pride but with a finish, it doesn't have the roundish top on the bowl (I noticed from other reviews, MM just stopped rounding the bowl recently) I'm bit disappointed. That's why I give 4 stars. Other than that, it was lovely pipe. I'm learning and appreciating lot about pipe smoking. ***Scott here*** Just a quick note MM makes this pipe with several shaped bowls, and the comment about the shape changing recently is inaccurate. MM ships us a mix of bowl shapes and therefore it's a little lick of the draw. If you want a specific shape, just let us know and we'll ship it if we can. ***
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